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Your smart home devices could be hacked far more simply than you believe. Leave a comment

Assume you returned home from work to find your house had been plundered. There was no evidence of a break-in or other conflict.
The burglars appeared to have entered through the front door.
After further research, you discovered that you had not been robbed by ordinary robbers.

These were clever hackers who gained access to your Smart TV and utilized it to gain access to your home security system and fully disable it.
Even if you were aware of the dangers that smart devices represent, you never imagined that you would be a victim, or that your television could be used for such a crime.

Nowadays, there is an app or device for almost any action or task you can think of. Too preoccupied with housework to read the news of the day? That won’t be an issue these days, with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri ready to read out everything you require. They even assist you in reading and responding to SMS without having to pick up your phone. Simple things like turning on lights and fans when you enter a room may now be programmed to turn on and off when you enter and leave the room.

However, like with anything, this technology addiction comes with a slew of risks.
Because it retains your information, your refrigerator will know what food you like and how much of it you prefer.
Because it records your usage, your phone knows what to play.
Because they can track your movements, the lights know when to turn on.
So much of your personal information on the internet can end up in the wrong hands.

But still you can get saved from these vulnerabilities, see our next post on how to get saved from these attacks.

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