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India’s First Multi-Seller Hybrid (B2B & B2C) Smart Homes Marketplace

Why Sell Here?

smarthomemart.in is India’s first integrated Hybrid (B2C & B2B) marketplace dedicated exclusively for smart home systems and products to include services as well. It revolutionizes the way the smart home systems are presented to the buyer to enable them to make a wise purchases and also enable the retail vendors access to thousands of smart products through the distribution network available right here on this platform. You buy here you sell here!!!

It serves the following purpose:-

  • Act as an smart marketplace for Home Automation & Smart Home products
  • Enable the buyers to explore, compare, bargain and buy from the range of  retrofit smart products, systems and gadgets
  • Act as facilitator for the buyers through Q&A, professional advisories, Buyer’s guide, Product Reviews, News update and India’s first Smart Home Forum.
  • Provide various levels of consultancy to the Buyers through professional experts.
  • Act as an enabler to connect buyer with local seller where needed for the services
  • Act as an enabler to connect manufacturers, distributors and retail sellers at one platform.

What is There For You?

  • A dedicated hybrid marketplace (B2B & B2C) judiciously adapted for Smart Home Automation Systems and Products
  • Register as Manufacturer, Distributor, Reseller or System Integrator ( Dealer)
  • You can sell your products as well as services to the buyers
  • Option to show product prices to the selected groups or set different prices for different groups
  • Set Quantity based discounts and special offers to any specific group of customers
  • Set your own independent dynamic rules just about anything for your products, prices and customers
  • Avail the concept of booking/part payments from buyers to make them buy your products/services
  • Our Auto Bargaining Bot can do the negotiations with the buyers on your behalf while you are asleep!!!
  • More visibility to FEATURED SELLERS & BEST SELLERS and hence more sales.
  • Low & genuine commission rates.
  • Progressive Payment Option to cater for the uniqueness of the smart home automation projects.
  • Lead Generation.

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How SmartHomeMart is Different ?

Sr No


Other Marketplaces


1 Type of Marketplace B2C or B2B Hybrid
2 Product Categories Generic Specific to the Smart products from buyer’s point of view
3 Seller Categories Single Multiple
4 Buyer Categories Single/Double Multiple
5 Participation Passive Listing Active participation in the form of information and advisories
6 Consultancy No Yes by our experts
7 Project Listing No  Yes. For Buyers to ask for customized systems
8 Installation Service No Yes. Through local dealers
9 Reviews Only by the buyer Professional reviewers/advisors/buyers
10 Commission Rate High Low
11 Auto Seller-Buyer Bargaining No Yes for select products
12 Hybrid Marketplace No Yes
13 Multi-Category Listing No Yes
14 Category based Pricing No Yes
15 Forum No Yes

How SmartHomeMart Classifies the Smart Products?

Included Service Product (ISP)

Product or Bundle or Package in which the service charges are pre-included by the seller. Only sellers/system Integrators local to the buyer’s location are displayed. The buyer can pick up any of the seller based on price and rating. The Seller is then responsible for the provisioning of the material and services both.

Optional Service Product (OSP)

Any product/bundle can be classified as OSP if it is felt that the buyer may need professional service support for the product. When classified as such the buyer is thrown an option for the service support. If buyers opts for the service then only the local sellers are shown to the buyer, else sellers from across the India are displayed.

Do It Yourself Product (DYP)

All other products not classified as ISP or OSP are termed as Do it Yourself  Products. All the sellers across India selling that particular product are displayed as sellers and buyer can pick up anyone based on rating and price.

Project Leads for System Integrators/Service Providers

Apart from above we also allow the buyers to list their projects. These are vetted by our team of experts and provided as leads to the authorized sellers registered as System Integrators/Dealers.

How SmartHomeMart Categorizes the Smart Products?

SmartHomeMart is designed to cater for smart products, JUST ANYTHING SMART!! Be it an electronic product or furniture or any other gadget. Broadly following type of products can be listed..

  • Smart Home Automation Products
  • Smart Lights
  • Smart Security
  • Smart AV systems
  • Smart Safety
  • Smart  IoT Components
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart Furniture
  • Smart Pet Gadgets
  • Smart Personal Gadgets


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Buyers Payment Options

Apart from receiving full prepaid payment (FPP) as in normal e-commerce transaction, the Seller has an option to offer PROGRESSIVE PAYMENT PLAN (PPP) to the buyers wherein the buyer just pays a part  of the payment on the portal and rest the seller can collect directly from the buyer on product/service delivery. This option is only available for the local delivery products. This is very helpful in winning the trust of a buyer specially in high value products where services too may be involved. Very apt for Home Automation Packages.

Seller Payment Schedule

At SmartHomeMart we settle seller accounts in every 7-10 days cycle, depending upon the return window, after adjusting all collectibles and post final settlement amount to the sellers bank account directly. So the seller need not to worry for payment processes. The liquidity in hands of the sellers will remain constant due to shorter settlement cycles. The payment is processed post return/replacement period. For more details kindly visit : Click Here for Seller Fee & Payment Structure..

Seller Fee Structure

SmartHomeMart is a class different than the rest of the trading e-commerce marketplace. Considering the exclusive facilities provided, SmartHomeMart has designed the fee structure in very optimal way to benefit the partners.

In an initiative towards “AATM NIRBHAR BHARAT”, SmartHomeMart is making a special effort to contribute towards the same by way of special referral fees for “Make in India” smart products.

Click Here for Seller Fee Structure..

Ship Smartly with SmartShip

We take care of your hustle free deliveries at minimal shipping charges. As Seller you have choice to ship using SmartShip or you can use your own means of delivery.

Promotional Offers

All Sellers joining the SmartHomeMart Club shall be eligible for certain privileges.

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