Why Shop With SmartHomeMart?

smarthomemart.in is India’s first integrated revolutionary marketplace dedicated exclusively for smart home systems and products to include services as well. It revolutionizes the way the smart home systems are presented to the buyers to enable them to make a wise purchase with no need to going around places to select the product and service provider.

As a Buyer you get all you need under one roof :-

  • An aggregated marketplace for multiple smart home products and services
  • An easy way to understand, explore, compare and buy from the range of  smart home automation systems, brands, technologies, products and gadgets
  • Do It Yourself and retrofit smart products
  • Access to Virtual Demo Rooms avoiding physical visits from place to place
  • Access to professional advise, guides, reviews and tips from professionals to assist in understanding and  taking the decision
  • An interactive Q&A platform
  • Easy connect with local service providers
Local Connect
We Assist You
Nearest Dealer

How SmartHomeMart is Unique?

  • Dedicated to smart home systems & products only.
  • Cater for best and authentic systems, brands and technology under one roof.
  • Buyer’s guide, Tips & Tricks, Product Reviews, latest news update and an interactive Q&A features on smart products for the buyers.
  • Provide various levels of consultancy to the Buyers through our professional experts.
  • Virtual online demo rooms ( generic and system specific) to provide real time experience to the buyer without the need to go physically to various locations.
  • Only the local Sellers (dealers/installers) will be visible to the buyers for service products/packages.
  • Provide information & comparison on the smart home systems, technologies and integration.
  • Low & genuine prices.
  • Progressive Payment Option to cater for the uniqueness of the smart home automation projects.

How SmartHomeMart is Different from the Crowd?

Sr No


Other Marketplaces


1 Type of Marketplace Open Controlled
2 Categories Generic Specific to the Smart products from buyer’s point of view
3 Participation Passive Listing Active participation in the form of information and advisories
4 Consultancy No Yes by our experts
5 Dealer Connect Only Price based  Local/Nearest Dealer based on the nature of the product.
6 Installation Service No Yes. Through local dealer providing the material and services both
7 Guidance/Product Reviews No. Reviews only by the buyer Both from the buyer and the professional reviewers/advisors
8 Price Point High Low

How SmartHomeMart Classifies the Smart Products for the ease of Buyers?

Included Service Product (ISP)

Product or Bundle or Package in which the service charges are pre-included. Only sellers/system Integrators local to the buyer’s location are displayed. The buyer can pick up any of the local seller based on price and rating. The Seller is then responsible for the provisioning of the material and services both. That way the buyer is comfortable dealing with the local seller providing services.

Optional Service Product (OSP)

Any product/bundle is classified as OSP wherein the buyer may or may not need professional service support for the product. When classified as such the buyer is thrown an option for the service support. If buyers opts for the service then only the sellers local to the buyers locations are shown to the buyer, else sellers from across the India are displayed.

Do It Yourself Product (DYP)

All other products not classified as ISP or OSP are termed fall under this classification. Buyer has a choice to purchase from any seller across India selling that particular product based on rating and price.

Depending upon the nature and value of the product it can be delivered locally and also provide an option for progressive payment.

How SmartHomeMart Categorizes the Smart Products?

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Buyers Payment Options

Apart from receiving full prepaid payment (FPP) as in normal e-commerce transaction, the buyer has an option of PROGRESSIVE PAYMENT PLAN (PPP) in the selected products especially in ISPs wherein the buyer just pays a part ( generally 30-40%) of the payment on the portal, pay some part on the material delivery and rest on the service delivery. That way the buyer can feel comfortable for large value products or where the services are involved. This option is only available on select products and home automation packages and only served by local sellers.

Product Delivery

Included Service Products or Optional Service Products (if opted by buyer) will only be delivered by the local sellers.

However for any product being sold by multiple sellers the buyer can sort the sellers as per the distance/price and opt to purchase from any of the local sellers, if available.

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