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SHMP1001 Lighting Automation 3 BHK Penthouse Delhi/Delhi Closed
SHMP1002 Lighting Automation Independent Floor Lucknow/UP Closed
SHMP1003 Lighting, Security 2BHK Apartment Indore/MP Underway
SHMP004 Full Home Automation Villa Gurugram Closed

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Latest Trends in Smart Homes : 2022

Smart trends are no longer reserved for the most high-end homes or saved for an upgrade years down the line—people are actually buying homes today with an eye on the existing smart home tech

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home Technology Smart Home Technology is cutting edge. What is Home Automation? Home Automation, often referred to as “Smart Home Technology”, is the

What is a smart home? Smart home is a concept about home automation, but it usually refers to a system made up of software applications, smart devices and cloud services (for example, the service providing

How to Get Started With Smart Home Automation?

Technology has really surfaced in even the remotest areas of everyday life, and it has proved to be immensely helpful. It’s created living more manageable and easier. An individual can

Innovative Gadgets Presented at CES 2022- Part 2

Today, we are back with the next part of the post in which we are going to tell you about Innovative Gadgets Presented at CES 2022. Have a look at

Wozart Smart Plug – Smart Gadget For Smart homes

Wozart Smart Plug is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart outlet that can be inserted into any 16A socket and used to control, monitor, and automate the connected electrical appliance via an app

Light Control sensors- An Introduction

Light sensors in a lighting control system monitor the amount of ambient light and adjust the electric lights accordingly. This is referred to as daylight harvesting, and it aids in

Innovative Gadgets Presented at CES 2022- Part 1

Cradlewise Smart Crib Located in San Francisco, Cradlewise received a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for its self-learning smart crib designed to aid in the sleep of babies aged 0

Security cameras that don’t require cables for power on the way

After years of promises, advertising, and development, technology that can charge electronics from across the room or through walls is finally available for purchase. Ossia’s Cota wireless charging technology will begin appearing in devices from French electronics firm Archos later this year, according to Ossia Chief Executive Doug Stovall in an interview from the CES show floor in Las Vegas this week.  Prices have not yet been announced by Archos. The availability of products based on Ossia and Energous technology demonstrates the maturity of charging systems that do not require a physical connection to a power source.

New UK regulation will levy large fines on smart home device manufacturers who use default passwords

The UK government announced the introduction of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Bill, a set of new rules aimed at improving the security of smart home devices. The