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SHMP1001Lighting Automation3 BHK PenthouseDelhi/DelhiClosed
SHMP1002Lighting AutomationIndependent FloorLucknow/UPClosed
SHMP1003Lighting, Security2BHK ApartmentIndore/MPUnderway
SHMP004Full Home AutomationVillaGurugramClosed

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The UK government announced the introduction of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Bill, a set of new rules aimed at improving the security of smart home devices. The

Smart-home technology’s significance

Smart-home technology isn’t new, but it’s always developing and evolving. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a broker is that technology advances so quickly that it’s hard

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Smart home device manufacturers are all on board with a new standard called Matter, which will allow all of your devices to communicate with one another, and Google is now

Amazon affirms its backing for Matter

Amazon has reaffirmed its support for the smart home networking standard Matter, saying today in a blog post that Matter will be supported over Thread in Echo devices and Eero

Next-generation Wi-Fi smart home devices may have a range of more than one kilometre

Wi-Fi HaLow, a new feature, permits low-energy transmissions for things like sensors and security cameras, and it promises a significant increase in range. The Wi-Fi Alliance announced Tuesday approval for

Are Smart locks really needed?

In the past, recent years smart locks have become one of the hottest market trends in the category of smart security products. They are increasingly popular choices in a family

Convert your Backyard into Smart Backyard !!

There has never been a better moment to take smart home devices outside. The technology has advanced dramatically, house wifi ranges are expanding, and companies are devising new ways to

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Home security using smart Home gadgets!!

Home security systems are comprised of a few different devices that all work together to form layers of protection in and around your home. When you leave for work, you

Fully automatic washing machine- A necessity!?

Every home requires a washing machine, which is the most common and basic essential. It can assist save time and bring a variety of additional benefits. Because there are two