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After years of promises, advertising, and development, technology that can charge electronics from across the room or through walls is finally available for purchase.
Ossia’s Cota wireless charging technology will begin appearing in devices from French electronics firm Archos later this year, according to Ossia Chief Executive Doug Stovall in an interview from the CES show floor in Las Vegas this week. 
Prices have not yet been announced by Archos.
The availability of products based on Ossia and Energous technology demonstrates the maturity of charging systems that do not require a physical connection to a power source. Longer-range wireless charging technologies, such as Cota and WattUp, transmits radio energy beams to devices that require only a small amount of power and are within a few feet of the transmitter.
Even if it isn’t powerful enough to power a laptop or TV, the technology has the potential to make charging the expanding number of low-power smart home and internet of things devices in homes, workplaces, retail, and factories easier.
The cost of implementing long-distance charging in families and companies is one impediment. 
Ossia’s charging transmitters, which beam power to gadgets, cost between $200 and $300. 
Receiving antennas and electronics from Ossia, which offer support to devices that use the technology, cost between $1 and $8, depending on the power rating and other parameters. (A portion of the cost is compensated by the elimination of conventional power electronics.)
Different types of longer-range wireless charging are also on the way. Let’s see what happens in the future and when we will be able to witness these kinds of products here.

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