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How to stay safe from the vulnerabilities on your smart home devices Leave a comment

In the last post, we told you how can your smart home devices be hacked so easily. But now we are going to tell you some points about how can you stay safe from the vulnerabilities and the attacks on the devices.

Even if corporations and manufacturers implement proper security measures, it will be ineffective if users simply accept the terms and conditions that appear without understanding the specifics.
As a result, the first step in preventing any cyber danger at home is to be educated and completely aware of the threats we may face.
Manufacturers should also hire experts to ensure that known dangers and flaws in previous products are rectified and not duplicated in new items.

Users should ensure that the equipment they buy are secure against cyber threats.
Consumers should be so familiar with the security requirements of their digital devices that they can tell when a product is broken or incompatible.
With smart gadgets becoming so prevalent in our lives and homes, cyber risks should be regarded in the same manner as physical ones.
I mean, we wouldn’t buy a kitchen appliance if we knew it may cause a fire, would we?

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