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Samsung has unveiled SmartThings Edge, an update to its automation platform that promises to increase the stability of smart home connections.

Edge is simply a new mechanism for SmartThings Hubs to process data, allowing devices to connect to each other rather than the cloud.
LAN-based, Zigbee, or Z-Wave devices should be able to reply more quickly by bypassing the cloud if the user has a SmartThings hub newer than the first generation.
In its blog post unveiling Edge, Samsung also stated that Matter support will be enabled when the open-source, unifying smart home platform is released, which has lately been delayed until 2022.

It’s also not the first major shift to Samsung’s platform in 2021, with SmartThings Find moving beyond merely finding the company’s smartphones.
SmartThings Energy, which allows customers to monitor the energy use of their Samsung appliances, has also appeared.
Overall, it’s a nice step forward for individuals who still want the benefits of a smart home without having to worry about their internet connection interfering.
If Edge can do what it says on the tin, it might boost adoption and reduce frustrations – and who knows, we might see similar technologies from competing hubs sooner rather than later as a result.

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