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Signify introduces a new line of Philips Smart Wi-Fi lights in India Leave a comment

The Philips Smart Wi-Fi ecosystem is now available in India, along with new items from the Smart Light Range.
In addition to the Wiz Smart Bulb, they have a new Smart LED Downlighter, T-bulb, T-beamer, and baton in their portfolio.
The new Wi-Fi-enabled smart lights are controlled via the Wiz mobile app or a voice assistance such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
These new lights are powered by the YZ technology platform.
Customers can load the YZ app on their smartphone or tablet to create different moods for different occasions by selecting the appropriate white and brightness light.
The biggest change for existing Hue users, provided they’ve got a Hue Bridge and aren’t just using Bluetooth connections to control their lights, is a new partnership with Spotify. This’ll let you set up easy light syncing between your smart home and your music.
It also has a circadian rhythm feature and the ability to automate the lights using the timer and scheduling settings.
All Philips Smart Wi-Fi products include iComfort, a technology designed to be gentle on the eyes and reduce eye strain.
Even when the bulb is turned off, the smart recovery feature remains its lighting mode.

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