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Nowadays everyone is rushing towards the smart device industry for personal health and hygiene and mostly towards the smartwatch edge because it provides lots of features just on your wrist. Smartwatches can do many things that your smartphone can’t. Benefits include tracking your heart rate, sleep, activity, and overall fitness level. You can also play music and do phone-free activities.

What exactly is a smartwatch?

Smartwatches are wearable computers in the form of wristwatches that offer additional functionality in addition to timekeeping. They frequently incorporate connectivity with your smartphone, displaying incoming calls and messages, as well as some apps with extra functionality such as weather information and maps for directions.

These are all features you can get under the range of 10k but features like fall detection, emergency SOS, calling features that come with slot to insert sim and use the internet for its services, etc. It’s too frustrating to get your mobile out of pocket to attend calls and see notifications.

If you have smart wear that supports a sim card, it’s really easy for you to see notifications and attend calls directly from your wrist.

But now we can proudly say that you can get a watch with all of these premium features under 9k as we bring to you one of the safest and easiest handling devices in India, Wachme.


About Wachme

WachME (regd. with StartupIndia ) is an independent easy to use a smartwatch-sized smartphone. It is made in India.
Its technology has been built in India and it works with even poor mobile networks and does not steal your data.

WachME (registered with StartupIndia) is a standalone smartwatch-sized smartphone (using a GSM SIM card) with a simple user interface. It is ideal for tiny children (3–12 years old), seniors (60+), cooperative young adults, unusual youngsters, and forgetful family members. It is also extremely effective as an online class monitoring solution or a patient monitoring solution. It can also be used as a patient communication support tool via features like – Auto call pickup, Silent Monitoring, Call filtering, Remote Imaging, Voice SMS & Reminders, Speed Dial, Quick Call, SOS button.

You might be wondering about the name wachme, why not Watch me?

So there are two reasons for choosing these names.

  1. It is a unique name and sounds a bit cool, you can easily remember this name due to the similar word- Watch and Wach.
  2. Another reason is the full form. We have kept the name by deciding the full form of the word.


          A- Amulet







  • Display and colour
    The watch has a huge display of 1.3″ TFT (240 x 240) Pixels and the Colour of the smartwatch is Black which gives it a more premium look.
  • Camera
    Although it is a smartwatch but we still provide a VGA camera with the watch.
  • Processor and network
    It comes with an overwhelming processor of Quad Band 2G: 900/850/1900/1800, 3G: 900/2100 WCDMA (Europe / Asia)
  • SIM Card Type
    It has a slot for sim and supports a nano-SIM Card.
  • Storage
    The watch comes with storage of 4GB ROM + 512 MB RAM which is more than enough for a smartwatch.
  • Protection Rating
    The rating of protection is IP65.
  • Touch Panel
    It has a multi-touch capacitive touch screen.
  • In the box
    Comes with accessories- WachMe with attached 1 waist strap, 1 wrist band, and User Manual.
  • Charging
    It comes with a charging cable which is a USB charging cable (Magnetic).
  • Sensors
    It has an inbuilt G-sensor (Accelerometer).
  • More specs
    Vibrator, Speaker, Microphone, Bluetooth
    Tracking GPS / Cellular Network / Wifi
  • Country of Origin
    Its technology has been built in India.
  • Connectivity
    It comes with wireless connectivity.
  • Connects to stand alone.
  • Battery
    In this segment, it beats the competition and has a battery of lithium-ion with a capacity of 550 mAH.

Features of the smartwatch

  • Fall Detection
    Determines whether or not the wearer has fallen. WachMe, when worn around the waist, provides very reliable fall detection. Your watch can detect hard falls and will activate an alert system asking if you need emergency assistance. If you do not respond within the timeframe, wachme automatically alerts the authorities and your emergency contact to get help.
  • SOS
    Yes, WachMe has a separate SOS button. However, we hope that WachMe will do it automatically and that the user will not need to activate the SOS button. When you make a call with Emergency SOS, the watch automatically calls local emergency services and shares your location with them 

  • Allows to insert SIM card
    WachMe is also a mobile phone that accepts SIM cards. With a simple click on the WachMe home screen, you can contact your preferred emergency contact. It will allow you to stay connected even without a smartphone. By using a SIM card in your watch, you can make calls from your wrist. You can Send SMS and WhatsApp messages from your Smartwatch.
  • Monitoring feature

Zone & Route Monitoring – Automatically detects if wearer exits the specified zone or deviates from the specified destination

Bully Monitoring – Automatically makes audio recordings to capture any bullying attempts

School Monitoring – Yes WachMe does understand when the children are in school or in coaching centres, they should not get distracted, but safety is also needed

Ring Of Fire(Route monitoring) – Automatically detects if child separates from parents beyond approx. 10 mts.

Other useful features

Besides all the premium features, let’s have a look at the daily use features it provides. Location tracking, auto call pick-up, WiFi Video Call, Silent Monitoring, Automatic Arming, Remote Imaging, Quick Dial, Speed Dial, Nearby WiFi, Activity Monitor, Voice SMS with alarm, Talking Clock, Call Filtering are all features that are used on a daily basis.


  1. Do you need a companion smartphone for WachMe?
    No, the wearer must only carry WachMe on his or her waist or wrist. WachMe already has a SIM card, so it does not require a second smartphone to connect to the network. It must, however, be programmed from a controller Android phone using the WachMe app.
  2. Does WachMe have a SIM card?
    Yes, WachMe needs a SIM card and it needs a working cellular plan(prepaid or postpaid) to work WachMe will inform if it runs out of balance or validity

Pricing and offers

This watch provides premium features which are currently available in watches priced at above 20k at least.

But we care for our country and it is also made in India so we have kept its price at only ₹9,999.00 but here is a catch, Now we are offering it for just ₹7,999.00. 

You can buy this watch at our website by clicking on this link:-


Hurry up to avail of the offer as fast as possible and put tons of features and safety on your wrist.

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