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World’s first mass-produced transparent TV Leave a comment

Xiaomi has launched the Mi TV LUX see-through television, which displays images that appear to be “floating in the air. last year in china”

The Mi TV LUX billed as a global first, has an edge-to-edge transparent display, leaving what appears to be a plain glass screen, allowing viewers to see through to the other side.

The adoption of transparent organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology allows for the TV’s glass-like quality.
Unlike regular LEDs used in TVs to illuminate an LCD display, the pixels of an OLED TV is self-illuminating, eliminating the requirement for backlighting.
This means that, unlike traditional TVs, which require a rear panel to house their processing units, the Mi TV LUX’s processing units are built into the base stand.
The rectangular screen of the TV is 55 inches long and has an “ultra-thin” thickness of about 5.7 mm. The screen can display 1.07 billion different color combinations. Its cylindrical base stand is topped with a covering that resembles “compact discs,” according to the company, and was designed to help it integrate into a range of environments. The electronics maker claims to be the world’s first mass producer of transparent OLED TVs.

Xiaomi’s transparent TV was launched in China last year on August 16th for roughly £5,500 ( ₹5,64,899.30 ).

Let’s wait for the day when it will be launched in India and how will Indian tech market respond to the device.

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