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A smartwatch is a small touch screen device that connects with your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and allows you to take care of your health and body with the help of many functions.

Let’s have a look at the basic features a smartwatch provides you to become your health assistant in this modern age era:-

  1. Steps counter – Smartwatch allows you to count your steps and shows the calories burnt, 
  2. Heart rate monitor– It provides you to count the no. of beats per minute while exercising and other activities. Some watches even monitor your heartbeat 24×7.
  3. SpO2 level– Also these small devices can show blood oxygen level i.e. a measure of how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying.
  4. Calls and notification handling– You can mute and hang up the call and see the notifications from different applications on a small screen.
  5. Shows all the details in an application– It shows all day’s activities in its app on your mobile phone. For example- heartbeats recorded in a day, sleep tracking, etc.

So, if you have not bought a smartwatch till now or looking to buy a new one please check out the category of smartwatches on our website and become supremely powerful in controlling everything by a screen on your wrist.

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