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“Hey Siri, would you please make my life easier?”

There was a time people thought smart homes were a fad. Yet, here we are, many years into the movement, and the industry is going strong, with no sign of letting up.

The worst myth is that smart homes are expensive, but when you look at home kits, it turns out that smart homes can be quite affordable.A smart home kit, also known as a home automation kit or an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, is a package that includes all of the hardware and software needed to connect, operate, and manage compatible smart home devices.

Aside from lights, smart home apps may automate and regulate heating and cooling, entertainment systems, doors and windows, window coverings, security systems, water sprinkling, and appliances.
Smart home apps with the right sensors may also monitor systems and environments and provide notifications in the event of a problem.
Sensors, Ethernet and power cables, a home automation hub, and a smart home app that allows control, customization, scheduling, and management of connected devices from a smartphone, tablet, or computer are commonly included in a smart home kit. Kits frequently include support for automation tools such as IFTTT (If This Then That), which allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements that are triggered in response to changes to other Web services.
So today we are going to give you all a brief description of one of the most aesthetic and affordable kits.

This Apple HomeKit blog has answers to everything you’ll want to know before getting started with this Siri-operated smart home platform. 


Apple’s HomeKit is a smart home system simple enough for beginners to say, “Siri, I’m home,” into their iPhone before strolling through their automatically opened door and into a peaceful setting with just the correct lighting, temperature, and other top HomeKit gadgets running as desired.
Apple HomeKit is a technology that allows you to operate all of the top smart home gadgets that are compatible with it. With a swipe on your smartphone, you can control your smart thermostat, lights, locks, and more in several rooms, creating pleasant surroundings and just the right ambiance. You may even use it to remotely control your devices.

What can Apple HomeKit do for you?

HomeKit allows you to turn on and off and dim your lights, control your temperature, turn on and off devices connected to outlets using one of the finest smart plugs, lock and unlock your front door, check who’s at your door, and do other things. Apple’s goal has been to make it simple for beginners to set up their smart homes, which can be a daunting undertaking for inexperienced users.

How does it work?

HomeKit uses a direct, secure connection between the HomeKit gadget and your iPhone or iPad, which means you don’t need any additional hubs or smart speakers to make it work inside your house. However, if you want to access your HomeKit devices away from home, over WiFi, you need to use another Apple device (a HomePod, iPad, or Apple TV) as a Home Hub, a bridge of sorts. The Apple Watch is optional too, but having Siri on your wrist makes using HomeKit even more convenient.

Devices compatible with it

HomeKit can switch on lights from Philips Hue, LIFX, and Sylvania all at the same time, so you don’t have to use the same devices from the same vendor.
Also, while each device has its app, you may decide that it’s easier to let the Apple Home app (or Siri) handle the entire setup (so you don’t have to load up your phone with unneeded apps).
Many of the greatest smart plugs, including those from iHome and Lutron, the Hunter Apache Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan, Netgear’s Arlo baby monitor, Brilliant’s full-home controller, and even a Wi-Fi smoke and carbon monoxide alarm from First Alert, can be controlled by HomeKit.
You can automate simple items such as fans, humidifiers, lamps, Christmas lights, space heaters, coffee machines, and more by installing HomeKit outlets. Upgrading your in-wall light switches and dimmers to HomeKit versions is likewise a no-brainer, as you can automate and use Siri with them, or simply use them with your hands as you always have.


Categories of smart gadgets that are compatible with Apple Home kit


A variety of smart lights support HomeKit, and the Home app lets you arrange them into rooms and zones, schedule them, and even turn them off when you leave the house and back on when you return. The majority of these devices support HomeKit on their own, but a few, such as Philips Hue and Caseta by Lutron, require a hub, which is included in the starter pack.


With a HomeKit-enabled garage door opener, you’ll never have to go back a few blocks because you can’t remember if you closed the garage. Simply ask Siri about the status and, if necessary, have her close the garage door.

Heating and Cooling

HomeKit thermostats, fans, and air conditioners are the best because if you are too hot or cold, you can just complain to Siri. Scenes like “good morning” and “good night” are excellent opportunities to raise or lower the temperature by a few degrees. With a few temperature sensors strategically placed about the house, you can automate everything based on real-time conditions. That’s cool.

Locks, Cameras, and Home Security

As long as your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch is unlocked, you may ask Siri if it’s locked and even have it unlocked for you with a HomeKit lock. HomeKit cameras can now display live footage on your Apple TV screen if you ask Siri to do so.

Switches, Dimmers, and Outlets

You can automate simple items such as fans, humidifiers, lamps, Christmas lights, space heaters, coffee machines, and more by installing HomeKit outlets. Upgrading your in-wall light switches and dimmers to HomeKit versions is likewise a no-brainer, as you can automate and use Siri with them, or simply use them with your hands as you always have.
What all Appliances do we have for the Apple home kit!?


Fibaro Apple Kit Single Switch
Fibaro Apple Kit Door/Window Sensor
Wozart Switch Controller Pro
Fibaro Apple Kit Motion Sensor


Wozart LED Orchestrator
Wozart Smart Plug
Wozart Motor Controller
Wozart Switch Controller Mini
Wozart Switch Controller Pro
Wozart Switch Controller

Conclusion-Should you buy it?

HomeKit is Apple’s smart home interface that communicates with all compatible gadgets and appliances in one app (“Home”). HomeKit-compatible devices are easy to set up—a quick scan of a QR code—and can respond to “Hey Siri” commands. Smart home companies have been a bit slow to embrace the HomeKit platform, but it’s becoming more likely as the industry changes that your new smart bulb, switch, plug, etc. will play well with Apple’s software, and therefore Siri.

Like many smart home devices, HomeKit and all of the devices you can connect it with are luxuries. But if you travel frequently, like to keep an eye on what’s going on at home when you’re away, or just want to come home to a calm environment with a push of a button or a few words to Siri, HomeKit might be worth it for you.

You should put your hands on it and make your home make look smart be it technology-wise or look-wise.
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