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Tridonic presents New Wireless Emergency Lighting system Leave a comment

Tridonic presents an efficient solution, its new Wireless Emergency Lighting system. A combination of proven Tridonic technologies, BasicDIM Wireless & SceneCOM, suitable for both renovations and new installations. A power outage comes at great risk, of high economic damage as well as workplace accidents. This imposes strict regulations for installing and testing emergency luminaries.
With increasing awareness of Building Safety, more countries are opting, for central monitoring and automated testing of single battery-powered systems.
Many emergency lighting operators are coping with the need for a central test facility, involving intensive planning and high costs. Tridonic’s new wireless emergency lighting system can be integrated into existing installations and conforms to the relevant standards. They are cost-saving requiring less time for planning and commissioning, and material costs are also reduced.
For its new emergency lighting system, Tridonic combines its user-friendly Casambi-ready basicDIM Wireless control technology with sceneCOM DALI-based lighting control.
The proven basic DIM system is used as the backbone of the new solution, providing wireless connectivity for the emergency luminaires via a fail-safe mesh network. Tridonic’s web application makes it easy to select the separate installations and check their status. Building managers are spared unnecessary travel to the various buildings or branches. They can monitor the lighting systems digitally and are required on-site, only during a malfunction or for replacing individual system components.

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