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Tricks to make best use of Alexa Leave a comment

Control Amazon Echo through your browser

You can control your Echo, as well as your to-do and shopping lists, in a few different ways. The first method is to use the Alexa app. The second method is to use the internet. You may log in and control your gadget without a phone by visiting this website: http://echo.amazon.com.

Create a sports update.

If you say “Alexa sports update,” you’ll get a breakdown of the latest news for the teams you’ve selected. You may search for teams by going to the Alexa app > More > Settings > Sports update. You can add important teams such as West Ham United or the Seattle Seahawks, as well as national teams.

Using a 3.5mm wire, connect your Echo to a music system

A 3.5mm connection is located in the base of several Echo devices, next to the power wire. This allows you to connect such gadgets to another device via a 3.5mm connection. You’ll need to supply your own wire, but it’s as simple as plugging one gadget into another. This allows you to integrate Alexa skills to a larger system, such as your AV receiver, allowing you to use better speakers while still enjoying the convenience of Alexa voice control.

Change the name of your Echo

Your Echo will most likely be called “Dan’s Echo” or “Dan’s Echo Dot.” Renaming devices not only helps you manage them, but it also makes it easier to perform functionality through a specific device, such as Alexa calling. Navigate to Settings > Devices in the Alexa app, then choose the device you want to rename. At the top of the screen, you’ll notice the option with the device’s current name.



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