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Amazon’s autonomous flying security camera for the home Leave a comment

Last year in September 2020, amazon launched it one of the finest smart home gadgets of all time-Ring Always Home Cam.

Indeed, it is just as it sounds a home based indoor personal drone to monitor the security in your home and to not only go to the point of intrusion but to record video and send it to your phone. It is an autonomous drone-style camera capable of flying about the house recording disturbances while the resident is away.
The flying security camera, which is linked to a network of sensors in the home, is designed to automatically fly to predetermined spots in the user’s home if one of the sensors detects a potential break-in.
When the sensors are triggered, the owner receives a smartphone alert that allows them to view the live footage.
A camera is inserted in the bottom portion of a central rod, which is coupled to a flat, fan-like element on the device’s top, allowing it to fly.
The drone-like device is designed to fit snugly into a cubic dock with a central opening when not in use. When activated, it rises from the dock and takes off on its pre-programmed flight path.
This eliminates the need for security camera owners to set up different devices throughout the house by providing multiple viewpoints in a single, transportable camera.The Ring Always Home Cam cannot be controlled manually and will only fly in the areas set by the user.

The Amazon Ring Always Home is integrated with Echo and Alexa as well as all the current generation of Amazon Ring devices. The ultimate Voice First interface will allow commands like, “What is that noise at the front door” to be said to Alexa when you are in bed and the Amazon Ring Always Home can investigate if it had not already.

“We asked for home robots, we got flying home security robots first”.

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