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Smart Buildings with a Forward-thinking Approach! Leave a comment

Smart and intelligent building solutions have evolved rapidly in the past 5 to 10 years with a global shift from stand-alone building automation systems to advanced integrated systems with building performance optimization capabilities keeping personalized experience and occupant’s well-being at the center of the design.

The pandemic has reinstated the criticality of the new smart building narrative and accelerated the adoption of such solutions in the past year. “Smart and intelligent building strategies need to be designed with a long-term vision to deliver enterprise-level performance optimization prioritizing energy, comfort, security (physical and cyber) and productivity”, says Anirudh Bhaskaran, Senior Industry Analyst- Energy & Environment, Frost & Sullivan. “

Some of the sophisticated smart building solutions available in the global market are cloud-hosted; leveraging AI/ML capabilities to integrate IT and OT data to automate operational processes, assets, and people ensuring business addresses critical challenges related to performance, sustainability, and safety.
The expected outcomes of such smart building solutions are an increased energy cost savings, reduced operating expenses, and enhanced occupant experience. It also provides a healthy building environment and creates a sustainable built environment”, he adds.

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