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Samsung is developing a web dashboard for SmartThings Leave a comment

One of the oldest smart-home platforms, Samsung is building a way to access SmartThings.

SmartThings is currently only accessible through the Android and iOS mobile apps.
The company started developing a web panel for SmartThings in May 2019, though the closed alpha was shut down in October of that same year while Samsung prepared “for a much larger test leading to a full release.”

According to later forum posts from a SmartThings developer, the web app was still in development, but the project was “running into shifting requirements from legal and security teams”. The panel appears to have gone live for anyone with a Samsung account earlier this week, accessible from my.smartthings.com.Though the developer noted that it’s still not finished and no official support is available, the report said.

SmartThings was originally founded in 2012 before being acquired by Samsung in 2014. It can connect to other platforms, just like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Samsung previously offered a Windows application for managing SmartThings but was deprecated in 2019. The company is now working on an updated desktop application, primarily designed for its new Galaxy Book Pro laptops.

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