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Seller Terms of Installation Services

Purpose : Terms of services for products being sold with Installation services

1. On receipt of the the product package, customer should pay any amount applicable on pay on delivery.

2. The customer should not open the package. If opened then any claim later will not be entertained for return/replacement.

3. Local Service Provider, LSP, (Seller in most cases) should get in touch with the buyer within 07 days of the delivery through the portal messaging system. Buyer will receive the notification through mail. 

4. Similarly the buyer may connect with the seller within 07 days of receipt of the through the seller store page > GET SUPPORT and ask for the installation support. Seller should be able to respond in 24 hours. 

5. Both buyer and seller can arrive at a suitable date. It is must that all conversation is made through the portal to avoid any dispute later. 

6. Before the installation date the buyer is required to pay the service charges if pending through the portal.

7. The scope of the installation services will be guided by the information provided by the seller at the product page. Buyer must go through it diligently. Any out of scope work may attract additional charges.

8. Post completion of installation the buyer will be required to log the completion on the portal.

9. A workmanship support will be provided by the seller for 07 days free of charge.

10. Post workmanship period charges may/may not  be applicable as per T&C of the service provider.

In case of any grievance or support issue kindly get in touch  [email protected]

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