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Customer Help : Service Products Instructions

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1. Once you receive the service paid products you should not open the package. The same shall be opened in the presence of the service provider (seller in most of the cases) and buyer and recorded by the way of documentation/video.

2. After delivery the seller will get in touch with you or you can initiate the request. You are free to schedule the installation as per your convenience and availability of installation team. Kindly use the seller support system at the Seller Store on the portal to keep the record of the communication in case of any dispute and also to process your return request in case the seller does not respond.

3. Please note that time taken for Installation/Integration may vary depending upon the nature of the product.

4. The return will be guided by the return policy.

5. You are requested to go through the seller warranty and support policy for all  inclusions and exclusions as provided in the product tab.


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Last updated : 23 Sep 2021

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