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Tricks to make best use of Alexa- Part 2 Leave a comment

In the last post we saw some of the tricks and tips you can apply to Alexa to make full use of it. We are back with another part of the same snippet and will give you more tricks to make Alexa even more powerful.

Change the wake word to Echo.

If you have someone in your home named “Alex” or something close, the Echo will answer when you utter that name. However, you have the option of using another word: All of these options are available: computer, Amazon, and Echo.
To select a new word from the list, use the Alexa app (Devices >Select your Echo > Settings > Wake Word). You must choose a wake word for each unique Echo device.

Make your Flash Briefing unique.

“Alexa, what’s new?” you ask. 
or “Alexa, play my flash briefing,” you’ll be offered catch-up on news and weather information. 
In the Alexa app, you can modify the services. 
Go to More Settings Flash Briefing to check where your news is coming from and to turn off the weather. 
You may also customize Flash Briefing by adding new content and changing the sequence in which it is delivered.

Connect your calendar to your Echo.

If you want Alexa to serve up your calendar details, go to Settings Calendar Email in the Alexa app. 
You’ll find options to add Google, Microsoft, and Apple there. 
Once you’ve connected, you can ask Alexa what’s on your calendar, what appointments you have, or what’s going on on given date.

Listen to Audible or Kindle books on your Echo

A great option if you have an Audible account is to get your Echo to do it. Say “Alexa, read me my book” and the playback of your current Audible book will resume.
You can also ask what Audible books you have and Alexa will list them – on the Echo Show you see the covers, too.
If you’re a Kindle user, you can listen to some Kindle books, too. Just say “Alexa, read my Kindle book” and the Echo will pick-up where you stopped reading. To see the books that Alexa can read, head into the Alexa app, Music, Video, and Books, and tap on Kindle – a full list will appear.


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