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Have you ever felt afraid because you might get a shock by touching the switch with wet hands or, do you feel lazy operating the switch while relaxing or doing your favourite work?

Fear not, the modern era of automation has got you covered. We introduce you to modern smart touch switches. Easily operable from your mobile phone, instilled with dozens of features, let’s look deeply into them in this post.



A Touch switch is a kind of switch that commands an appliance like a fan or light to operate just by a single touch. To turn a device on or off a nudge by an object is a necessity for smart switch. There are various types of smart switches currently in the market.


Robust Features



Operating the device just by touch is not the only advantage of this product. These small yet effective gadgets have a lot of pros. Let’s look over some more robust features of touch switches.

  1. Elegant design
  2. Controlling ways
  3. High standard Quality
  4. Shockproof and waterproof
  5. Night visibility (plus point)


Scroll down to get the brief about these features of home automating gadgets.


  1. Design– Basic need along with functionality is an impeccable design of this product. The compact and modular design along with aesthetic elegance uplifts the beauty of your home.
  2. Simplicity– Life simplifies to enough extent if you can just control your appliance sitting in one place with the help of your mobile. You can use the official mobile application for the switch. You can also schedule the timings for automatic ON/OFF functionality.
  3. Shockproof and water-resistant- Now this removes your fear of touching the switches with wet hands and getting shocked. Also, you need not worry about your small kids getting hurt as old school switches did to them.
  4. Quality of the switchboard makes it tough enough to withstand the harshest environmental conditions protecting it from dust, dirt, and moisture. This quality increases the longevity of the switch thus reducing the maintenance cost too.
  5. Visibility at night– This might give you an extra point on choosing a touch switch because now you don’t have to aimlessly look for switches in the darkness and your irritation of not finding them will be gone forever. Touch switches come with backlighting which makes them super simple to operate at night.




Types and variety of smart switches


There a variety of touch switches to choose from , be it one touch , two touch , 5 touch , 12 touch etc. Also, they provide you the option of controlling fan speed due to sliding touch control.

You can choose from the switches which can be controlled by Wi-Fi or only IR blaster and/or by smart home devices like Alexa or Google Assistant.

You need not worry about the designs and colours as there are plenty of them to choose from.


Now let’s have a look at some of the best quality elegant switches available on our website.


Toyama Touch Switch

These are currently the best-in-class touch switches that provide you with an option of controlling the switch with voice control. These are available in many configurations and along with giving majestic look to your home, it definitely increases the power of home automation.

We can control this in 3 ways:-

  • IR Remote Control
  • Mobile App 
  • Voice Assistant(Alexa & Google Assistant)

These are available in 3 variants on our website:-

  • 3+1

Toyama Remote Touch Switch – 3+1

Toyama Wi-Fi Touch Switch – 3+1

  • 5+1

  Toyama Remote Touch Switch Humfree –     5+1

Toyama Wi-Fi Touch Switch Humfree – 5+1

  • 6+1

Toyama Remote Touch Switch Humfree-6+1

Toyama Wi-Fi Touch Switch Humfree -6+1


All of these prices are inclusive of 25% discount.


Lumi Touch switches



Another world class switches with feather Touch sensitivity, these capacitive touch panels are for smooth operation that matches the elegant luxury of your dream home. All our products are heat-proof, shock-proof, humidity-proof, suited to all climatic conditions.

These are available in various options with some having inbuilt sockets too:

Lumi Wi-Fi 4 Touch Glass Series-White

Lumi Wi-Fi 4 Touch+1 Socket Glass Series-Black

Lumi Wi-Fi 4 Touch+2 Socket Glass Series – Black

Lumi Wi-Fi 8 Touch+1 Socket Glass Series-

Lumi Wi-Fi 8 Touch Glass Series-Black

Lumi Wi-Fi 12 Touch Glass Series-Black

Lumi Wi-Fi 12 Touch+3 Socket


Each of the above listed is currently present on our website with a discount of 5%.


Crear Switches

Next, we have in the list is the simplest yet effective touch switches with a variety of options available .

Crear 15 Amp Single Touch Switch Black

Crear 15 Amp Single Touch Switch Black With IR

Crear Fan Regulator Black With IR Remote

Crear Two Touch Switch Black

Crear Four Touch Switch Black With IR

Crear Four Touch Switch Black

Crear Four Touch Switch Black With IR

Crear Touch Fan Regulator Black


These all are available on our website with a whooping discount of 25%.



Hope this post was able to give you a brief about Smart Touch switches.

It can be concluded that they are versatile smart home gadgets due to their design, durability, and price range.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab them and install them to automate your homes to the next level.






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