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Home security is the topmost priority in a smart home. In the past, recent years smart locks have become one of the hottest market trends in the category of smart security products. They are increasingly popular choices in a family as they are convenient, tough, and easy to use.

Introduction about smart locks

They are modern-day smart gadgets that act as a key replacement for home security. You can set up a passcode in seconds and then you can enter your home just by entering it in your lock or mobile phone. You’re inside in seconds without digging through your pockets.

About the product


We have today -ST29FP Smart Lock.

An essential safety product to protect your belongings and remain tension-free when you are not at home. You can Manage, Control, and Grant Access to your Properties from ANYWHERE in the world or from the moon without the need for the Internet, GSM, or Smart TALA being connected to Internet.


Where can we use Smart Tala 

Let’s see the properties which can be kept safe by this small smart gadget:

  • House Owner
  • PG Owner
  • Rental Owner
  • Hotel Guestroom
  • Owner Office
  • Owner Shop
  • Owner Hostels



Features of Smart TALA

  • You can control the lock from anywhere and it doesn’t require your presence near it.
  • There is no need for internet connectivity for the lock, it can simply work online.
  • You can share the passcodes via text from any application like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, SMS, Instagram, etc.
  • It also supports Virtual Password entry to avoid revealing the Passcode.
  • The visitor or the receiver doesn’t need any smartphone or our app to be downloaded, you can simply open the lock and give access to them to enter your house.


Types of access keys

Now we zoom on to the point where we discuss the types of ways, we can access our lock by numerous methods of generating keys.

1.Using the Smart TALA application

One way of obtaining an access key is using the official application of the lock. You can find the application on the play store and can easily install it and generate access keys unlimited times.

2.Using SMS or Voice call

In this case, the numeric key will be shared through message or call and no involvement of the application is there with this option.


E-keys option

Tired of keeping a bunch of keys always in the pocket or digging deep in the pockets for opening the homes, or are you even scared of losing your keys somewhere and losing access to your properties

Timed E-Keys: Start Time – End Time

These keys generate a code for which you can set a start and end time, and anyone with that code can unlock the TALA between that time phrase.

One Time E-Keys: Only One Time Access

You can generate a one-time e-keys and allow your visitor to enter your property by using that e-key just for once.

Cyclic E-Keys: Everyday Same Time

Suppose some visitors visit your properties daily, for example- an employee visiting an office daily or a maid visiting your house daily.

In this case, you can set these e-keys for every day just one time and they will cyclically repeat every day.

Permanent E-Keys

As the name suggests these are the e-keys that you can give to your trustworthy people and they can unlock the TALA anytime they can by themselves.


Features of e-keys:-

  1. Are you busy and not able to check who visits your property? Just Give them the e-keys in advance and get the least distracted.
  2. You can Generate, Share, Distribute, Withdraw and Manage UNLIMITED E-Keys through your mobile by using the application.
  3. You don’t need to be near the Lock to Issue or Revoke an e-Key. Do it from anywhere, anytime.
  4. You have full control of it from anywhere in the world, can be frozed and thawed instantly.
  5. You can stop carrying the hustle-bustle of carrying hard keys, and fear of losing them anywhere.




Q1. What if we transfer the house or sell our house and someone else wants to take charge of the house and the lock?

Ans1. Don’t worry, it comes with an option of transferring locks-Transfer locks(s) so you can Transfer the Entire Lock – ONLINE.

Q2. What if we lost our phone and want to urgently need access to our property?

Ans2. It also comes with more Options: Fingerprint, Card Keys, and Back up: Hard Keys.

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