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Smart-home technology isn’t new, but it’s always developing and evolving. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a broker is that technology advances so quickly that it’s hard to predict what the future holds.

Smart-home technology (or home automation) has been around for a long time, but with internet access and constantly growing wireless technology, the good news is that you don’t need to be highly tech-savvy to grasp how to use smart-home technology these days. Almost any equipment in your home may be monitored and controlled via an app. Controlled lighting, digital doorbells, and door locks, home security, home entertainment, and smart thermostats are examples of current smart-home uses, but the possibilities are truly limitless.

That being stated, your home’s network will be the most critical component in ensuring everything operates smoothly. This is especially critical in the mountains, where high-speed access is not always available.

It is critical to employ a home technology specialist to ensure that your network is correctly established and that it can support and integrate a wide range of gadgets that can be monitored from your iPhone. The purpose of all smart-home technologies is to give remote response and resolution in real-time. Whether it’s water detection, motion alerts, or dangerous temperatures, the overall comfort and security come from being able to regulate whatever is going on in your house when you’re not there. With all of this new technology, it’s critical to start by building a network that can support it.

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