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When you hear about smart homes, smart devices, and (yes!) smart kitchens, it usually refers to something connected via IoT (Internet of Things) technology, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.
Because a smart device connects to another tech, it’s easy to control remotely via a phone app or a smart home platform like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

In today’s automation world automating your bedroom can be a good idea. As normally the bedroom is the place in the house where we spent most of our time, why not automate it and save time to use it for other important purposes. So in this article, you will check out the different ways in which you can automate your old school home to a smart home.

Today we will be telling you how to change certain parts of your home into smart tech places, we will be looking at how to convert simple bedrooms, kitchens, and washrooms into smart ones.
Hold back your seat and let’s get started.

Smart Bedroom

Automating lights/fans/Ac
There are a lot of different ways in which you can automate all these things. You can connect them with devices like Alexa, Google Home, etc to make it voice-controlled or there are different apps available in the market which help you to control these things using wifi from your phone.

Speakers into ceiling
Why place speakers on your floor by eating out some space when you can just fit your whole speaker on your ceiling. Also when speakers are fitted in the ceiling the sound waves travel more freely when compared to being placed on the floor which gives more volume to the speakers. Also, the speakers can be connected to a lot of different smart home devices like Alexa, etc.

Occupation Indicator
Generally, children and sometimes elders also visit the room without any consent, thus the solution for this is to have an occupation indicator outside of your bedroom which helps them to know whether you are in the bedroom or not. Also, you can add locks to the indicator which will automatically lock your room when you are in.

Controllable Power Outlets
Using controlled power outlets can help you to decrease your power load throughout the bedroom. Arduino-powered outlets automatically power in the bedroom according to different appliances which will help you to save electricity throughout the day. It also prevents accidental overheating of appliances, shortcuts, etc.

LED Floor Tiles
Using LED floor tiles helps you to add a beautiful feature to your whole smart bedroom. The floor tiles automatically glow up when anybody places a foot on them. The same thing can also be added to stairs which will give a beautiful look throughout your smart bedroom.

Smart Curtains
Adding smart curtains to your smart bedroom will add a great feature to it. Either you can set timings for your curtains or can control it with a smart app or any voice-controlled devices like Alexa, Google Home, etc. Many famous brands make smart curtains like this one of them is Ikea. 



Smart restrooms are among the most recent IoT solutions that will be applied here and there in the near future.
Such next-generation restrooms are projected to greatly improve customer experience and employee well-being while also lowering maintenance expenses.

Soap Dispenser
A smart internet-connected dispenser that ensures there is always enough soap for restroom users. It also helps avoid soap wastage by emitting the exact amount of soap a person needs to wash hands.

Smart Tap
A touch-free tap ensures washroom users are protected from Legionella bacteria. The tap monitors water and pipes temperature and condition to alert the supervisor in case there is a risk of Legionella development.

Smart toilet
A smart toilet is an advanced toilet using built-in smart technology, or technology capable of interacting and connecting with the user. These toilets are often found in smart homes around the world and in high-tech regions such as Japan.
These devices are capable of many things, from playing music to flushing at the touch of a button, all while saving precious water.

Smart Mirror
A luxury wall mount LED mirror, our Round / Rectangle-shaped Mirror is exquisite and fashionable due to its frameless and sleek design. Wall-mounted LED bathroom mirrors elegantly illuminate the entire bathroom and are ideal for use as a contemporary cosmetic mirror while adding a sense of elegance and sophistication to your area.



Smart products in the kitchen may make things more efficient, precise, and safe. However, we do not believe that all smart kitchen gadgets must rely on high-tech connectivity to improve your kitchen.
While the majority of the goods we propose to turn your ordinary kitchen into a smart one are straightforward smart devices, we have included a few inventive gadgets to make your life easier even if you don’t have a wireless connection.

Meat thermometer
A smart thermometer has a 200-foot outside wifi range and sends you a signal and alarm when your meat reaches the temperature you specified.
You can view real-time temps and save cooking settings for your favorite recipes using the app.
The thermometer has an easy-to-read LCD display, and the probes can be left in the oven for the duration.

Smart oven
With its 1.0 ft³ capacity, the smart oven can fit an 11″x 16″ pan, 10-pound turkey, and 12-inch pizza — and it automatically recognizes more than 100 foods and figures out the best settings to use to cook it. It’s faster and also smarter than a traditional oven, with the ability to be controlled with Alexa and through the June app. A new feature to the oven is connected to Whole Foods: a handful of chef-developed programs can automatically make more than thirty products sold in Whole Foods markets, such as fresh salmon with lemon thyme rub. 

Kitchen scale
Baking requires exact measures, so if you enjoy baking, invest in this smart scale. It’s easier and faster than using spoons and cups, and it may make even the most difficult recipes less scary to follow. It also cuts down on clean-up time because you can combine all of your ingredients in one bowl.

Smart Cooktops
If you enjoy cooking or have young children, you should have an induction cooktop in your kitchen.
These smart ranges do not heat up like traditional cooktops; instead, they utilize induction technology to heat only the food in your pans, which means they consume less energy, cook your food faster and more evenly, and reduce heat-related accidents.
Most also offer touch-screen capabilities, making cooking faster, easier, and more enjoyable than ever before.




With so many different types of smart technology around, you’ll have no trouble customizing your home to fit all of your needs. Invest in a few or all of these smart technologies to help ensure that your home does everything you want it to and more.
In this world of IoT, we can use technologies to make our life easier. We have already discussed different ways to convert the parts of your home into a smart home. Like this, you can also convert a lot of different things into smart appliances. Do share this article if you like it. 

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