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Smart bedroom!! How ?? Leave a comment

In today’s automation world automating your bedroom can be a good idea. As normally the bedroom is the place in the house where we spent most of our time, why not automate it and save time to use it for other important purposes. So in this article, you will check out the 2 ways in which you can automate your old school bedroom to a smart one.

Automating lights/fans/Ac

There are a lot of different ways in which you can automate all these things. You can connect them with devices like Alexa, Google Home, etc to make it voice-controlled or there are different apps available in the market which help you to control these things using wifi from your phone.

Speakers into ceiling

Why place speakers on your floor by eating out some space when you can just fit your whole speaker on your ceiling. Also when speakers are fitted in the ceiling the sound waves travel more freely when compared to being placed on the floor which gives more volume to the speakers. Also, the speakers can be connected to a lot of different smart home devices like Alexa, etc.

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