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Seller Fee Structure


Following fees are levied as applicable:-

  1. Referral Fee
  2. Closing Fee
  3. Collection Fee
  4. Cancellation Fee
  5. Shipping Charges
Referral Fee Rates : Retail Sellers(B2C)

SmartHomeMart has a simple and transparent fee structure for sellers with no hidden charges. To sell on SmartHomeMart, seller need to pay Referral fees, Closing Fees, Collection Fees and Shipping Fees. There are no separate listing fees or any subscription fees. Referral Fee is only valid on sale. Considering the feedback obtained from the environment a decision has been taken to allow the smart products to be listed in the the multiple categories to bring in more product visibility across the categories. Accordingly a standard fix referral fees will be levied irrespective of the product category. This will provide more product visibility and a simplified fee structure. A special discounted Referral Fee is applicable for Made in India products under  AATM NIRBHAR BHARAT scheme.

Sl. No Categories  Standard Fees Made in India Products
1 All 11% 10% discount on Standard fees
Referral Fee Rates : Business Sellers (B2B)


Sl. No Sale Type  Standard Fees Made in India Products
1 Sellers to other Sellers within the Portal 50% of B2C 5% Discount on Standard Fees
2 Sellers to Business Customers Same as B2C Same as B2C
Closing Fee Rates

Fixed fee is charged on every successful sale, that is any order which is not returned or cancelled. This varies based on Order Item Value and sub-category the product belongs to. Fixed fee is not charged in case of customer or courier returns.

Seller has to pay a fixed closing fee based on the item price that is paid by the buyer (including any shipping or gift-wrap charges charged by the seller). The fixed closing fee to be paid is calculated below:

Item Price including Shipping Charges  (INR) Charges (INR)
0-999 40
1000-9999 60
10000 above 100
Collection Fee Rates

The final selling price is a sum of the amount paid by the Customer including shipping charges, if any (Price of product + Shipping charges+ Any other Charges as levied).

Seller shall pay Rs. 20/- or 2.5% of final selling price (whichever is higher) as payment collection fees.

Example of Fees Calculation 
Selling Price Rs. 1000.00
1 Referral Fee (B2C) 11 % Rs. 110.00
2 Fixed Closing fees Rs. 60 Rs. 60.00
3 `*Shipping Charge (if utilized our services) Rs. 45 Rs. 45.00
4 Collection fees ( on Rs 1000 + Rs 45) 2.5% Rs. 26.12
Total Fees without GST Rs. 241.12
Fees shown in the table above is displayed excluding applicable taxes. 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be charged on all fees displayed above and any other statutory taxes/deductions like TCS etc as per government laws.                                      

*For illustration only

Cancellation Charge

Sellers will be charged 50% of referral fee (if cancelled on or before Expected Ship Date(ESD)) / 100% of referral fee (if cancelled after ESD) under following circumstances:-

  1. Order is cancelled by seller for any reason other than buyer request. (Only cancellations requested by buyers through this marketplace are considered and will be exempted from Cancellation Charge).
  2. Order is cancelled automatically by us because the seller has not shipped or shown his inability to ship within 24 hours of Estimated Ship Date.
Payout Schedule

Payout Threshold : Rs 1000.00

Payout Schedule for Products ( without service inclusion) : End of Return Window ( normally Delivery + 7-10 days as per the product type/category)

Payout Schedule for Service Included Products : 30% on end of return window, 60% on Service Completion Day(SCD) , Balance on end of workmanship period

Note: Above Fee Structure is subject to revision without prior notice