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Relevance Of Smart Home Technologies In India Leave a comment

Smart home technology is synonymous with augmented home functionality, fun, and excitement. Just like smartphones, smart home technologies are all set to be explored for making your life easier, fast and efficient. 

Indian crowd is undoubtedly, approachable to the idea of smart homes or home automation. Nevertheless, the level of acceptance is somewhat low as compared to countries in the west. While home automation has become widespread in metropolitan and other big cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, it would not be wrong to say that association of smart home technologies with rural India is still limited. 

Why One Should Opt For Home Automation In India? 

For the uninitiated, home automation in our country is still unfolding and is yet to be tapped for unleashing its full potential. There can be many reasons like comfort, convenience, and peace of mind for which people consider investing time and money in transforming their homes into smart homes. Some of the greatest advantages of having a smart home are elaborated below: 

  1. Savings: Often people confuse smart home automation with expenses but they actually bring along many opportunities for savings. For instance, smart lightbulbs and smart thermostats are well-known for reducing electricity bills over time. Besides devices that offer rebates, there are technologies that monitor water wastage that helps prevent excessive water bills. 
  1. Safety: There are many devices and gadgets that provide home security making it a great choice for those who live alone like housewives, children, and seniors. Automated lighting hinders any burglar activity on your premise and motion sensors enable people to enter doors and pass-through hallways at late night. Security cameras make the stay of the home inhabitants safe and secure by remote monitoring of delivery boys and unwanted visitors at your address. 
  1. Convenience: Home automation is integral to performing tasks automatically. It is user-friendly and managing all your home devices from one place is absolutely feasible. Home management steps up several steps as your home gets connected through one interface. Home-owners need to only learn using one app on their smartphones or tablets and countless functions and devices would be easily accessible and the functionality of your home would increase manifold. The best thing about smart home technology is that several devices can be accommodated within the existing home automation system hence making the whole concept more flexible. 

As smart home technologies are gradually evolving in India, it is right to say that the concept is here to stay. Thanks to the Gen-Y that they are not only open to exploring smart home technology but also bring it home for extracting the best from their lives.

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