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Mysterious Google device Teased Leave a comment

Recently, a picture of a device was leaked online because it was approved by FCC. A strange Google device with the description “Wireless Streaming Device” has been approved by the FCC. The model number is GJQ9T.

The listing provided no other identifying information, though going through the FCC usually means a launch is imminent.

Unfortunately, with so little information, determining what the gadget could be is a bit of a guessing game. A new Google Chromecast would appear to be the most reasonable bet, and given that the 2020 Chromecast with Google TV also passed through the FCC in August with the model number GZRNL, this would lend credence to that theory.

However, the Chromecast with Google TV was characterized as an “Interactive Media Streaming Device” rather than a “Wireless Streaming Device,” so it’s possible that we’re looking at something else. Given that Google recently unveiled new Nest Cams and a new Nest battery-powered doorbell, there aren’t many apparent options left.

Whatever the mystery item is, we anticipate it will make an appearance at the company’s Made by Google event later this year.

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