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Fascinate your home in a splash of colors with the-Wozart LED Orchestrator Leave a comment

Who does not want to make their home look more aesthetic, more stylish along with the sense of smart technology, modern-day automation?

For this purpose today we are introducing you to one of our products that can control the lighting in your house, RGB, RGBW, and Tunable LED strips.

We present you – Wozart LED Orchestrator




The Wozart LED Orchestrator is a Wi-Fi enabled smart gadget that can control RGB, RGBW, and Tunable LED strips.

The device controls the color and intensity of the light using four PWM signal outputs.

Wozart LED Orchestrator allows you to adjust the colors in your home so you can create the perfect ambiance for every moment.

Use your phone, tablet, computer, or voice assistants to adjust the colors to relax, party or focus.

The Wozart LED Orchestrator floods your home with a storm of hues, instantly bringing it to life.

Now, you can easily control and manage your home lighting remotely. You can choose from over 16 million colors (RGB) with warm and cool lighting options.

You may even have the Wozart LED Orchestrator light up your home with a sharp, ideal white light to stimulate you throughout the day or a gentle, warm white light to help you wind down for a good night’s sleep – choose your perfect white from a range of 2200 K to 6500 K.



The Wozart LED Orchestrator is compatible with the best smart home ecosystems, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings, giving consumers more options for building their smart homes.


Features of Wozart LED orchestrator

  • Variety of colors available
    Choose from 16 million colors to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion. Choose your favorite colors to light up your home with the Wozart’s LED Orchestrator to unleash your creativity and add a personal touch to your smart home.
  • Create the ideal atmosphere
    Whether it’s a romantic date night or a wild party at home, the Wozart LED Orchestrator never disappoints. With the Wozart’s LED Orchestrator, you may choose from some of the brightest, most vibrant lights to create the perfect mood for any occasion.
  • Gentle dimming for greater comfort
    With the Wozart LED Orchestrator, you can get motivated with cold whites or wind down for the night with delicate yellows. It may also easily simulate the warmth of natural sunlight in your house, allowing you to rest comfortably all day.
  • Voice commands can be used to control your lights.
    Taking smart home control one step further, the Wozart LED Orchestrator is compatible with numerous speech assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings, allowing you to control your lights with voice requests.
  • With a single tap, you can control your lights
    Are you too lazy to get up and switch off the lights? Your troubles have been solved! Enjoy the benefits and convenience of a smart home with the Wozart’s LED Orchestrator, which allows you to turn your lights on and off, as well as change their color, with a single tap on your smartphone.
  • Scheduling
    Create routines for turning on and off lights in your everyday routine. Choose cool white light throughout the day for better attention and warm light at night for better sleep preparation. This feature enhances smart home automation even more.
  • Data Reliability and Security
    We use iCloud and AWS for data storage to ensure continuous operation and a safe data infrastructure. All device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication is encrypted using the best available technologies.
  • Easy installation
    The Wozart LED Orchestrator is simple to install and can be finished in minutes without the help of a professional. Wozart Switch Controllers are designed to fit behind any switchboard to make the installation a seamless process. Existing and new homes can be automated with minimal to no wiring changes.


About the brand

Since 2016, Wozart has been producing wireless devices that allow customers to manage and monitor connected appliances and lights through a smartphone.

Wozart’s smart gadgets may be retrofitted into existing homes, which means they can be installed without requiring any alterations to the home’s electrical wiring.

They provide a variety of solutions such as smart switches, smart curtains, smart plugs, and scene controllers.


Installation and Warranty

Installation of the Wozart LED Orchestrator is simple and can be completed in minutes without the assistance of a professional.

The Wozart LED Orchestrator is backed by a three-year complete replacement warranty against manufacture defects.


Precautions to be taken while handling

  • The device is intended for lighting control of LED, RGB, and RGBW strips; incorrect connection or operation may result in a fire or electric shock.
  • Do not turn on the device until completing the installation and assembly.
  • Do not use wet or moist hands to operate the gadget.
  • Do not change or modify the device in any way that is not specified in this manual.
  • Do not use in damp or wet areas, such as near a shower, swimming pool, sink, or anywhere else where there is water or moisture.
  • Do not connect the device to loads that are more than the suggested levels.



Dimensions in mm                             –    47 * 47 * 21

Connectivity                                       –    Wi-Fi , 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Power supply                                     –    12-36 V DC

Compatible load types                       –    Lights, PWM

Colour                                                –    16 Million RGB combinations or

Tunable                                              –    White from 2200K to 6500K

Country of Origin                               –    India

Handling                                            –    Do It Your Self, May need Local Mechanic Intervention, Professional Installation

Weight                                               –    0.060 kg

Voice commands:                              –    compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa

Device Type                                       –    Light Controller, LED Orchestrator

Brand                                                 –    Wozart



Q. Is there any additional or special wiring required for the Wozart LED Orchestrator?

Ans. No, the Wozart LED Orchestrator does not require any additional wiring and can be smoothly integrated with your existing lighting.

Q. What should I do if Wozart LED Orchestrator is not responsive or is inactive?

Ans. First, make sure the Wi-Fi network is operational. If there is no problem with the network, just simply restart the device and see if it reconnects. Even so, if the problem persists, perform a factory reset and reconfigure the device. Bring the Wi-Fi router closer to the device, or install a repeater nearby.

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