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Can a home security camera replace a video doorbell? Leave a comment

Want peace of mind that your property is safe when you’re not around? A home security camera can help

Home security cameras function similarly to the best video doorbells in that they connect to the internet and send a notification to your phone whenever motion is detected in the camera’s field of view.

You may be wondering if a home security camera can replace a video doorbell because they function in the same way.

While it performs the same basic functions as a physical doorbell, such as alerting you when a person or motion is detected at your threshold and allowing you to view a live feed from the camera and interact with anyone in its field of view, there will be no physical doorbell for someone to press. Similarly, you’d need a smart speaker, such as an Amazon Echo (2020), or a smart display linked to the camera to receive an audible notification if someone came to your door.

A security camera is typically mounted higher up than a video doorbell to ensure it captures the entire length of someone at your door, and with a secure mount that makes it more difficult for thieves to remove.

So, if you just want to see who’s at your door, we recommend browsing our list of the best video doorbells for ease of use – but if you’re more interested in home security, a mounted camera will provide you with the majority of the benefits, such as motion detection and alerts.

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