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What all you can do?

From scene or mood lighting integrated for your entertainment hubs to sensor-based LEDs that switch off when there is no one in a room, the options are endless.

Many home owners opt for full CCTV surveillance system with solutions like IR Bullet and Speed Dome covering a wider area and recording even in low-light conditions. However, a more practical solution for Indian homes is a video door phone. These can be linked to remote door mechanisms like the electronic main door mortise lock.


Another automation option is to access the air-conditioning or heating in the home from a mobile device and set it according to your need even if you are not there. Use this to switch off an AC or to switch on the heater before you enter the house.

You can also have a remote in the car to open the front gate or garage door. All home entertainment equipment can also be synced to be controlled by a single mobile application or remote. Automated systems can also be used to control Owens, deep freezers and refrigerators in the kitchen. These are now getting  popular here.

. Thanks to retrofit technologies any home can be automated at any stage even if you are staying there. Ideally automation for a new house should be planned from the stage the electrical layout is prepared. This would enable a well designed solution meeting the home owner’s expectations.

 Visualize about your home taking care of itself! Think about enhanced comfort, improved convenience, robust security and smart energy management. Yes, home automation technology can influence every aspect of your daily living! Let your home surroundings be populated with controlled systems and let centralized automation and control change the way you live!


1. Convenience & Luxury Redefined

  • Save time and effort! Considering the hectic work schedules, everyone heads home craving relaxation.
  • Enjoy smart management of highly repetitive tasks without moving from your space via Light & Fan Control, TV Control, A/C Control.
  • Enjoy enhanced productivity, as you can focus more on other works.
  • Smart homes are a boon to the disabled and senior citizens. They can manage home systems remotely right from the comfort of their space.

2. Home Security

  • Installation of security alarms, fire alarms, smoke sensors, threat detectors, automatic lock, IVR lock systems at main gates, CCTV cameras or other surveillance devices, enables complete security in terms of next gen technology installed to achieve brilliant level of Home Security system.
  • These devices are controlled through the remote system based on PLC, which makes it easy to monitor and operate the security systems and other areas of the home.
  • Senior citizens and Kids are completely safe in the automated environment.

3. Remote Access Control & Connectivity

4. Energy Efficiency

  • Energy control lets you save big on electricity bills month after month.
  • HVAC Controls enable you to set room temperature for each room and allows automatic Turn ON/OFF as you enter in the room or leave it. Thus you save energy!
  • Creation of green building, contributing towards saving the planet earth!

5. Easy Installation

  • Smart Home installation can be easily now done by the user using DIY kits. Or you can opt for professional integrator. It all depends upon your comfort and expertise level.  At www.smarthomemart.in we offer the local professional services in your area. check the availability while selecting the system.

www.smarthomemart.in offers variety of DIY systems for quick and easy installation.

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