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In the past, recent years smart locks have become one of the hottest market trends in the category of smart security products. They are increasingly popular choices in a family as they are convenient, tough, and easy to use.
They are modern-day smart gadgets that act as a key replacement for home security. You can set up a passcode in seconds and then you can enter your home just by entering it in your lock or mobile phone. You’re inside in seconds without digging through your pockets.

So we’ve been through how smart locks work and what to consider when buying one, but aside from being able to go keyless, why bother installing a smart lock?

Well, as we’ve alluded to already, IoT is on its way. That means that in the near future we are going to see many mechanical processes made digital, and smart locks are just one piece of the bigger puzzle, especially when it comes to home security.

The additional security layer offered by these new locks means that you always know who has access to your home, and can be less concerned about where your keys are. Those frantic searches through all the pockets of all your clothes will be a thing of the past. Plus, if you do run out of the house without locking the door, you can remotely lock your house straight from your phone without trudging back to check.

For this reason, smart locks introduce a whole new level of convenience to managing your home. Access codes are an excellent option for school-age children and teenagers who tend to misplace or lose keys. Got friends or family coming over for the weekend? Simply issue them with a virtual key to access, or supply them with a code to get in. The same goes for your dog walker, house cleaner, and handymen.

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Smart Tuya Wifi Fingerprint Door Lock DZL

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